South Caroline Water Quality Standards

Water Classifications & Standards Regulations (R.61-68) (2004) (PDF) (60 pp, 560K)(Effective October 7, 2004)

These regulations establish water quality standards for surface and ground waters. Additional provisions related to groundwater, that are outside the scope of the Clean Water Act and the implementing federal regulations are included in these regulations as supplementary information.Note: EPA has disapproved the following from section R.31-38.E.14.c.9: “Implementation of the enterococci standards in NPDES permit effluent limitations shall be subsequent to EPA publishing the applicable test methods in 40 CFR 136.” Since new or revised standards are not effective for CWA purposes until approved by EPA, disapproval of this sentence, along with approval of the remaining changes related to enterococci criteria, results in the criteria being immediately applicable for all purposes under the Clean Water Act and its implementing regulations.

Classified Waters Regulations (R. 61-69) (PDF) (35 pp, 600K)(Effective June 22, 2001) These regulations alphabetically list the waters in South Carolina that have been specifically classified, gives the specified classification, any site-specific criteria, and describes the boundaries of the specific use classification and the county of location.

Source: EPA website.


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