Seismoelectric Ground-Flow DC-4500 Locators

An electrokinetic potential and geophysical technology concept for directly locating a groundwater aquifer or associated petroleum hydrocarbon reservoir fluids or brines with very high accuracy,  low cost,  portability, and simple operational procedures.

The seismoelectric survey is different from  seismic prospecting or  an electrical resistivity survey procedures, which separately register either a seismic impulse velocity or electrical resistivity sounding data in the aquifer or petroleum hydrocarbon reservoir, respectively.

DC-4500 Seismoelectric Ground-Flow Locator receives both a seismic signal and a seismoelectric signal generated by the same seismic source.

DC-4500 Seismoelectric survey can avoid a dry hole, indicates either a petroleum reservoir and groundwater immediately in real time analysis. With the reference application to locate such fluids- crude oil or natural gas ,  the detection of groundwater, recharge investigations, and associated salt water brines.

We can provide the following service

  •   Perform seismoelectric groundwater survey.
  •   Support seismoelectric instruments.
  •   Technical training in the use of seismoelectric survey.
  •   Research and development of seismoelectric exploration.

The DC-4500 is patented in US and China.

  • US Patent (US 6,476,608
  • International Patent ( CN 1392420A).

DC-4500 sold as ground-flow survey equipment of sub-contractor of  US NAVY.

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