John Martin on Energy and the Environment: The Marcellus Shale Lecture Series

Hi Folks,

Just finished a seminar from youtube presented by John Martin. I thought it was a great presentation than covers positive and┬ánegative┬ásides all kinds of energy resources including oil, gas, coal, nuclear energy, biomass, hydrothermal and solar. I would recommend everyone to watch the seminar. I especially like his “cell phone” connection. 90% of the world has cell phone connection now. The first cell phone was developed in Japan 1979! He concludes that we need an energy alternative that could support the world just like the cell phone. However, sadly we have not found the solution yet!

Here is the description of the video from the Youtube:

The Marcellus Shale Lecture Series will provide an educational program organized around the theme of unconventional gas drilling in New York State. Specific topics have been chosen to emphasize the facts of the gas industry, and its relationship to the economy and environment of New York State. The series is designed to provide an objective presentation of the nature of unconventional gas drilling, regulation, and potential socioeconomic and environmental impact.

The goal of the series is to bring high-profile speakers to UB who are known experts in the different aspects of the oil and gas industry globally, and of the unconventional gas industry here in New York State. The speakers will share information to help provide the basis for rational discussion on environmentally responsible unconventional gas exploration and extraction in New York. The series is made up of two subseries: 1. General Overview and Global Context for Gas Drilling in New York; and 2. Specifics of Unconventional Gas Exploration and Extraction: Geology, Land Use, Legal Issues, and Environmental Impacts.

Lawmakers, property owners, industrialists, environmentalists, faculty, students and concerned citizens are all invited to attend all the lectures. The series is offered free of charge.

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