How Coal Can Fix the Social Security in America

Coal is the leading source of electricity
: Fully 86% of the nation’s coal production goes to generateelectricity—filling some 52% of our current needs. By contrast, nuclear technology and natural gas contributearound one-fifth each, with the balance coming from hydro and other renewable sources.

Coal is our most stable and abundant asset
: America has fully 25% of the world’s proven coal reserves (morethan any other country), but only 2% of the world’s oil reserves and only 3% of the world’s natural gas reserves.Whereas our coal reserves could carry us through some two-and-a-half centuries of energy production., our oilwould last only 11.3 years and our natural gas only 9.5 years, according to the National Commission on EnergyPolicy (December, 2004).

Coal is unleashed through IGCC
: Currently the U.S. has around 300 GW of coal-fired power generationcapacity. Forward-reaching studies estimate that the U.S. will need to add nearly 90 GW of new coal-firedcapacity by 2025. As much as 62% of this new capacity will have to come from advanced clean coaltechnology—IGCC. The leveraging power of IGCC makes coal the most precious commodity in America’senergy arena:
inexpensive, clean, reliable, and domestic. CONTINUE READING..
Can Coal Save Social Security

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