Ground water Vs. Surface water

[ReviewAZON asin=”0471051969″ display=”inlinepost”] What would you drink? The water from a surface water source or from a ground water source. Clean water is expensive. As you can find tons of bottled water in Walmart and otherĀ  stores. There are many countries in the world where everybody does not get to drink clean water everyday.

So, both surface and groundwater sources of water are important. Let us look at some basic difference between the two sources of water.

In many cases the ground water is preferable while some other times surface water is better. Ground water from a deep source is too saline to drink. On the other hand surface water with high turbidity is non-potable. Surface water also carries more water borne disease than the groundwater including the “river blindness disease”.

Ground Water Surface Water
  • Groundwater storage is often orders of magnitude greater than surface water.
  • Some region underlain by impermeable rock does not yield significant volume of ground water.
  • Surface water easily available.
  • In arid regions, streams could be ephemeral.
Temperature Groundwater has nearly constant temperature. Suitable for some specific industrial applications. Temperature changes with the temperature of the surrounding.
Chemical Composition Less Variable than surface water but often contain higher salt content. Salt content increases with depth. Surface water usually contain less amount of salt but many times the high turbidity makes it nonpotable.
Deseases Groundwater is generally free from water-borne pathogenic organisms such as malaria, salmonella, “river blindness” disease etc.

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