Free gridding and contouring software – SURFIT – Free Downloads

surfit is a computer program which enables to calculate regular grid from various data (scattered points, 2D and 3D contours, surfaces, etc) in different ways (interpolation, approximation, inequalities, etc). surfit implements the original gridding method.

surfit is an Open Source and Free Software, the source code is available free of charge under the Free Software GPL license. The code is written in C++ with STL usage. Careful attention is paid to performance related issues. The initial goal of surfit is to provide an efficient tool to scientists dealing with gridding computational tasks.

The program has the following basic features:

  • Allows to build your own gridding algorithm by defining a set of so called “gridding rules”.
  • Allows to build “gridding rules” from:
    • scattered points (surface should interpolate or approximate points);
    • curves (surface should interpolate or approximate curve with constant value or with values taken from other surface);
    • areas (surface should interpolate or approximate area with constant value or with values taken from other surface);
    • contours (surface should interpolate or approximate contour);
    • surfaces (surface should interpolate or approximate other surface);
    • inequalities (based on points, curves, areas, … );
    • linear conditions (mean or weighted mean values for whole surface, or in some area).
  • Can deal with HUGE data sets.
  • Quality of resulting surface can be comparable with a surface created by Kriging or Minimum curvature method.
  • Supports various data formats.

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