ASBOG Sample questions on Petrology (Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary)

Although mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry are grouped together in the ASBOG Professional Geologist Candidate Handbook, we are separating the petrology section as best as we can. The knowledge of petrology is strongly tested specially on the FG part (11% of total questions). The PG section has about 5% from petrology/geochemistry/mineralogy.

We recommend students to study for both part at the same time and take the both exam on the same day. The preparation for the two parts are not that different. Once you have your fundamentals clear, you have better understanding of the subject matter and greater chance of doing well in the PC section. 

I had to face more math question than I expected. I will write another review for the types of math based question you need to know for the ASBOG exam some other time. 

In this article I am trying to accumulate basic fundamental geology questions on PETROLOGY. Once again, remember to review any term that you find on the sample questions that you don’t know. You should take as many practice exams as possible. Don’t wait till you feel like you have completed studying every part of ASBOG syllabus.  There are bunch of resources that provide similar ASBOG questions. Start taking tests. It will make you aware of type of question you would expect and also help you to focus on particular topics.

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Now take the test and enjoy. We will be adding more questions as we receive them. So, bookmark the page and remember to comeback for additional question.

Good Luck.

Recommended Books on Petrology for ASBOG test (FG and PG)


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