ASBOG Sample questions on Mineralogy: Professional Geologist Practice Test

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We are just starting the online quiz sections for various section of ASBOG Geology (FG and PG) tests. More questions will be added to each tests. Please send sample questions to The sample questions and answers are also useful for any students studying geology.

Note: ASBOG® is not affiliated with, nor does it provide information for/to, or endorse, any examination preparation course(s), study guide/manuals/aid (e.g., flash cards), or publication other than its own “Professional GeologistsCandidate Handbook”.

None of questions are from any real ASBOG test or from the sample questions from the ASBOG manual. The questions are targeted to improve understanding of the subject matter while helping you improve the score on tests.

The test in this page contains questions from mostly mineralogy. Mineralogy includes a lot of things so does our set of questions.

According to ASBOG, Mineralogy, Petrology, and Geochemistry constitute about 11% of the FG test and about 5% of the PG part. Sections include

  • Identify minerals and rocks and their characteristics. (FG)
  • Identify and interpret rock and mineral sequences, associations, and genesis. (FG)
  • Evaluate geochemical and isotopic data, and construct geochemical models related to rocks and minerals. (FG/PG)
  • Determine type, degree, and effects of rock and mineral alteration
  • Plan and conduct mineralogic, petrologic, and geochemical investigations, including the use of modeling and geophysics.(PG)
  • Rock and mineral identification; Crystal symmetry, systems, and forms; Igneous rocks and processes; Sedimentary rocks and processes; Metamorphic rocks and processes; Geochemical reactions and diagenesis; Professionalism  and ethics (FG/PG)
  • Project management, organization, and economics (PG)

Take the test and enjoy.

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Topics to Consider:

  • Origin of Elements and Composition-Structure of the Earth
  • Physical Properties of Minerals
  • Chemical Properties of Minerals
  • Chemistry and Structure of Minerals
  • Optical Properties of Minerals
  • Isotropic and Uniaxial Minerals
  • Biaxial Minerals
Best Mineralogy Books to buy for the ASBOG geology test (FG and PG):














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