I, Ankan Basu, started CoalGeology.Com when I first started working in the coal industry in 2006. I have gained nearly a decade of experience working with coal, geochemistry and hydrogeology specially in the USA and also, although limited, around the world.

Over the years, as I gained more and more experience with coal, exploration, mining, permitting, reserve studies and so on, and my level of expertise enriched, I successfully received my professional geologist certification from multiple US states – GA, KY, TN, VA, MO. I am also a Certified Professional Geologist (CPG) by AIPG. I am a “Qualified Person” for coal reserve/resource studies.

I update this website when possible and share some of the most amazing experience I have with coal and related industry dealing with impact of mining, post hydrogeologic consequences, acid mine drainage and so on. With my strong background in both geochemistry and hydrogeology, I easily blend in any projects related to coal – be it 3D geologic modeling of the seam with CARLSON (SurvCAD), or conducting complicated Packer tests to determine hydrologic properties of the overburden strata.

Please, contact me for any of your consulting needs. I love challenging and interesting projects and try my best to find the most practical geologic solution for my clients. Please also join my twitter page and facebook page to keep in touch.

Contact: admin@coalgeology.com; phone: 3048884184

Ankan Basu, CPG, PG, SME Registered Member